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Dudhia Tyre Dealers are Tyre Stockists of all local and imported tyre brands. We have a Tyre Fitment Centre in Johannesburg were we can do all vehicle balancing services and tyre fitments. 

Dudhia Tyre Dealers stock tyres for Passenger Vehicles, Trucks, Tractors & Graders.

We supply the top tyre brands such as Continental Tyres, Dunlop Tyres, Bridgestone Tyres, Michellin Tyres, Pirelli Tyres, Firestone Tyres, Goodyear Tyres, Sava Tyres. We also import the following tyre brands for passenger vehicles: Trac-May Tyres, Radar tyres, Double King Tyres, Autoguard Tyres, Bolex Tyres, Luhe Tyres, Double Star Tyres, Durun tyres and we are also a reliable supplier of Mag Wheels.

We have a Retreading plant if you would like to purchase recycled tyres.


Local brand – Tyres for Passenger Vehicles, Trucks, Tractors & Graders

Dunlop Tyres - Dudhia Tyres

Dunlop  Express Tyre Fitment Centre:

Dunlop Express Tyres Fitment Centre International (Pty) Limited South Africa’s leading product brand manufactured and distributed by the operation in South Africa and its 30 trade mark territories. Consumers enjoying the full range of Dunlop products and services that our excellent reputation and track record has built on in the tyre manufacturing industry. The new Dunlop brand advertising campaign “Driven by Precision”, which was released locally in January 2009, illustrates the commitment to the growth of the brand while Dunlop Zones stores will contiue to grow and strengthen the distribution network of Dunlop products.

Manufacturer of technical and rubber goods, Dunlop South Africa recently reached a milestone when its Howick Automotive Plant received the Ford Q1 Preferred supplier Award, making the fifty year old company one of only 72 South African automotive.

The company has been awarded: ISO 2000 and ISO/T16949/

 Continental Tyres - Dudhia Tyres

Continental Tyres:

Continental Tyre SA achieved notable success through Continental in the original equipment market – particularly in the high performance passenger tyre categories. With an overwhelming dominance of production car racing in South Africa, Continental became highly visible as a leading performance tyre – and three leading motor manufacturers chose Continental tyres to establish nearly every South African speed and endurance record over the past 6 years. All tyres carry the SABS approval as well as been ISO9001 certification.

Bridgestone Tyres - Dudhia Tyres

Bridgestone Tyres:

The Bridgestone Group has established at its core a management goal, management stance and fundamental management philosophy. Apart from a pursuit of superior quality in all our corporate activities — beginning with products, services and technologies — we respect the cultures and values and comply with the laws and regulations of the many places where we operate. We are also committed to protecting the environment in each of the countries in which we operate.

Bridgestone Corporation, headquartered in Tokyo, is the world’s largest tire and rubber company. In addition to tire for use in a wide variety of applications, it also manufactures a broad range of diversified products, which include industrial rubber and chemical products and sporting goods. Its products are sold in over 150 nations and territories around the world.

Michelin Tyres - Dudhia Tyres

Michelin Tyres:

Michelin has been present in South Africa since 1943 in various forms and structures; however Michelin Tyre Company South Africa – as we know it today officially started trading in 1998. 2008 was a key year as we celebrated our 10th anniversary.

Throughout the years, our growth has accelerated across all Michelin product ranges: Passenger car, Truck, Earthmover, Agric and 2Wheel. This is a largely due to the technological leadership of our products unanimously recognized in SA and across the rest of the world as well as the passion and commitment of Michelin staff and the professionalism of all our customers.

Pirelli Tyres - Dudhia Tyres

Pirelli Tyres:

Pirelli is distinguished for its long industrial tradition, which was always been combined with capacity for innovation, product quality and brand strength. A strength which, since 2002 has also been supported by the industrial design project of Pzero, and which today has been further recognized by the formula 1, for which Pirelli Tyre is the exclusive supplier for the three-year term 2011-2013.

In line with its premium strategy and the ‘green performance’, Pirelli which always  focused on research and development, operates with constant and increasing attention to products and services of high quality and technology and low environmental impact. Activies in this direction are also pursued by Pirelli Eco Technology, dedicated to developing technologies to  control pollutant emissions, and by Pirelli Ambiente, which operates in the renewable energy sector. Pirelli businesses are also supported by Pirelli Labs (100% Pirelli), a center  of technological excellence  and engine of innovation.

In pursuing its objectives, Pirelli is committed to combining economic profitability with social responsibility. In line with an industrial tradition dating back more than a century, Pirelli continues to invest in international expansion plans, always maintains strong roots in the local communities which it operates.

Firestone Tyres - Dudhia Tyres

Firestone Tyres:

Built for the medium end of the market, Firestone benefit from a philosophy of high quality products at reasonable prices. The range includes an idustry leading concept, the All Road Hazard Guarantee. This guarantee provides an insurance cover for the arduous conditions of South v African roads. if you hit a pothole, or glass, or your tyre is damaged in any way, your tyre is replaced with you only paying for the tread used. Technical and marketing innovation – a Firestone standard for over 100 years.

Goodyear Tyres - Dudhia Tyres

Goodyear Tyres:

Introducing the new EfficientGrip from Goodyear; the tyre of choice for reduced fuel consumption without reducing other performance. It has the great handling and breaking qualities you’d expect from a Goodyear tyre, while providing excellent mileage and with its FuelSaving Technology provides enhanced driving performance while also doing its bit for the environment – and at the same time, your wallet!

The Goodyear EfficientGrip has been independently tested by the German Testing and Certification Company TUV SUD Automotive which measured the advantages* of EfficientGrip over 4 leading competitors.

Sava Tyres - Dudhia Tyres

Sava Tyres:

Sava is one of the largest and most successful tire manufacturers in Central Europe providing a wide range of passenger car, SUV, light truck and truck tires. Sava roots have spread from the small land of Slovenia to embrace Europe as one and even beyond.

Sava tires are manufactured in various factories Europe. However , many tires are still manufactured in the Sava factory in Slovenia, which is a state-of-the art production facility, specialized in the production of high performance summer and winter passenger car tires.

Imported brand- Tyres for Passenger vehicles.

Trac-Max tyres:

Manufactured by the leading tyre manufacturer in China. The advanced manufacturing technology is imported from Germany.

All tyres manufactured Shandong Santai Rubber company have passed the certified 1509001, DOT, ECE, SASOBGCC, INMETRO.

Radar tyres:-

A new benchmark in tire technology. Committed to meet the highest standards, Radar combines the latest manufacturing equipment with the intelligence of the finest minds in the industry. Performance, safety, mileage, comfort and environmental awareness are the basis of Radar’s design excellence. Each Radar tire undergoes a stringent testing control process in compliance with the highest quality requirements

Double King tyres:

Good quality tyres manufactured in China, and has been given the following certificates: DOT, ECE,CCC,ISO

The brands have super traction ability and anti-side slip performance on terrain road condition. Brand Name: DOUBLEKING Pattern No. DS207Technicai Parameter:Size Load &Speed symbol Max. load(kg)Relative Inflated size Standard Rim Alternative Rim pressure (kPa) of new tire (mm) SingleDuaISingleDuaISec.WOut.D155R12C-8 88/86

Autoguard tyres:

AUTOGUARD is a new brand on the Bulgarian market, developed and designed completely in Germany. It is designed to meet the increasing requirements of the European market. The company’s range of products is expanding continuously according to the motor’s fleet renewals. The brand is developing dynamically in the recent years, proving it’s qualities on the leading markets. The tires are made in accordance, with the highest standards of quality, in the leading factory for auto mobile tires in China. They have all the necessary certificates for sale in Europe, Africa,South East Asia.

Bolex tyres:

Guangzhou Bolex Tire Ltd is one of the earliest and biggest governmental tire factories producing radial tires. Over many years’ experience of tire technology has enabled Bolex to combine maximum levels of security, longetivity and comfort in its products. With today’s enhanced skills and enthusiasm for driving, Bolex’s engineers have been able to make huge steps forward. Each Bolex tire provides not only performance but also a “feel for the road” through the driver, allowing a better understanding of the vehicle’s performance. Bolex adopts a scientific efficient management system, modernized equipments and advanced technology. To ensure good quality, Bolex fullfills the system of IS09001, DOT standard of the USA, Gulf Standard of the Middle east, and European ECEcertificate. Our products have been popular and accepted as the reliable and famous one by local and world Imported Truck Tyres.

Luhe tyres:

Manufactured by the leading tyre manufacturer in China. The advanced manufacturing technology is imported from Germany. All tyres manufactured Shandong Santai Rubber company have passed the certified 1509001, DOT, ECE, SASOBGCC, INMETRO

Double Star tyres:

Double star are manufacturers of all-steel radial tires, two million setsof heavy-duty bias tires, two million sets of light-duty agricultural tires, and four million sets of inner tubes. In the period of development, Doublestar is continually improving the internal management and implementing technical creation. It has completely passed the international quality system certificates, including 1509001, QS9000, DOT & ECE in compliance with American &European automobile industry standard INMETRO of Brazil, GEC of Saudi Arabia and South Africa

Durun tyres:

Durun tyres are manufactured by Shandong Yongtai Chemical Group CO.,Ltd in the Shandong province of China. They are a leading tyre manufacturer utilizing the latest international technologies producing over 200 tyre sizes for worldwide distribution. The current state of the art production and testing equipment have been imported from the United States, Germany, Netherlands and Japan. The products have successfully been certified by E-MARK, the United States DOT, the Brazilian INMETRO, CCC certification and have achieved 1509001:2000.


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