Retreaded Tyres

At Dudhia Tyres we have our own Tyre Retreading Plant based in Johannesburg. A Tyre Retreading Plant is a service we offer were we place new tread on worn down tyres. This creates new Recycled Tyres that can be used again for many kilometres.

Retreaded Tyres can be used on all vehicles and trucks, and saves you money in the long run.

When you have chosen your Retreaded Tyres, you can look at other services such as our Tyre Fitment Centre or see our full range of Mag Wheels.


We offer comprehensive advice and guidance on proper tyre management, tyre care procedures, and wear analysis thus enabling fleet managers to achieve maximum productivity and economy out of they pool of Tyres. Scrutinizing and adjusting wheel alignment on the tractor, the trailer and the fifth wheel included in the package. Customer service extends onto the factory floor where efficiency and productivity reign supreme. For example, the turn around time for retreads is between two and three days as opposed to the factory standard time of three weeks.

Every line of business has its challenges and Dudhia Tyres is no exception we are up against the major league players who, with their vast resources, look upon us as mere minnows.

All our staff are well trained, as we are aware that people’s lives depend on the outcome of our products and services. It is therefore crucial that our staff members apply themselves accordingly!

What makes us different from others is that if queries or complaints should arise, all our customers, irrespective of them being big or small, they will readily have management dealing with any issues that arise.

There are other challenges to face on daily basis. The biggest of all is trying to enlighten truck operators to not only ensure proper tyre care and tyre management procedures are in place but are adhered too.


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