Tyre Manufacturers & Suppliers in South Africa

Dudhia Tyres are Tyre Suppliers that offer Tyre Manufacturing services in South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Swaziland and Mozambique. We pride ourselves in providing quality services and customer service. Dudhia Tyres Manufacture and Supply Tyres all major vehicle and truck brands.

Dudhia Tyres also over services and products such as a Tyre Fitment CentreRetreaded Tyres and are a stockist of New TyresMag Wheels, shocks and exhausts.

Dudhia Tyres is an independent, family-owned business that was founded by Dr. Ismail Dudhia. Dr. Dudhia was a medical practitioner for many years. However Dr. Dudhia had the need for a new business venture.

After much deliberation and research, he unearthed major opportunities in the commercial vehicle tyre business, not so much as a supplier, but more in providing dedicated hands on service that he felt was lacking among the major players in the market at that time. Indeed, today 22 years later at Dudhia Tyres customer service remains the cornerstone of the company’s success and exponential growth.

These services include conducting fleet surveys and route profiling for their customers in order to optimize their tyre selection procedures.

 Dudhia Tyre Maufacturers

Dudhia Tyres offers a comprehensive package in all regard; Customer Satisfaction, Value added Savings, Competitive pricing, Friendly staff to make you part of our growing family.

Contact Dudhia Tyres today if you would like to find out more about our tyre manufacturing services. Call us on 011 938 8912 or Email us at info@dudhiatyres.co.za